There was no battle of wills. I, Tess Tatrix, residing at 1 Wilthereza Way, any town, any state, declare this to be my Will, and I revoke any and all wills and codicils I previously made. Colleague 2:  The color of the new coffee cups for the office. Sometimes, it’s important to let them win the battle of wills. 17)  I'm in a battle of wills with a guy who lets all his calls rollover to voicemail. 18)  Altering peoples thoughts is like a battle of wills. !” “OK, tell me with words why you don’t want to. The opening sentence should make it clear that this document is intended to be your will, give your name, place of residence and revoke any previous wills and codicils (amendments to previous wills). If it becomes a struggle or a battle of wills, it is best to ease up or stop for a while. A battle of wills is when two people or groups are equally determined to get what they want. Friend 1:  Sounds like a real battle of wills. For example, being in a battle of wills can be difficult. 2)  ... a seemingly unwinnable war against the drug lords that escalates into a savage, high-stakes battle of wills. 11)  Rather the opposition must be clearly focussed, otherwise it turns into a battle of wills and power, and not a search for the truth, ... 12)  So often the toddler stage is seen as a battle of wills, us against them.Â. Everything else regarding the divorce is settled. A competition in which opposing sides are unrelenting in their attempts to achieve a particular outcome. Colleague 2:  For those two, it is about the appearance of who has the power to make decisions and neither of them wants to give in to the other. var day=mydate.getDay() Friend 2:  We are still fighting over custody of the dog. Your browser does not support the audio element. If it becomes a struggle or a battle of wills, it is best to ease up or stop for a while. Nor will it go away because of ignorance and fear. See also: battle, of, will Sometimes, it’s important to let them win the battle of wills. Example. He blinked first. var mydate=new Date() 3)  My energy locked, with this thing it became a battle of wills. Nor will it go away because of ignorance and fear. Lynda Bullerwell poetry says: February 1, 2020 at 6:58 pm Perfect example of doing God’s will! If an argument or conflict is a battle of wills, the person with the strongest beliefs or personality will win. A battle of wills is a situation that involves people who try to defeat each other by refusing to change their own aims or demands and hoping that their opponents will weaken first. 7)  ... and some so competitive they turn each exchange into a battle of wills from which they must emerge victorious. Colleague 1:  And so we will live with the office discord. Whether people can or will allow themselves to perceive it, the battle of wills between the sexes is a very real, and increasingly grave, problem. A battle of wills definition: an argument or conflict in which the people involved are refusing to accept each other's... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples All that was left was a mutual struggle, a battle of wills, which became totally exhausting. Dictionary, Encyclopedia and Thesaurus - The Free Dictionary, the webmaster's page for free fun content, Movers and haters; Crude laughs with neighbours at war BAD NEIGHBOURS 15, 97mins. 13)  ... the time to acknowledge them, refusing to believe that she had won a gritty battle of wills until she had the finishing tape in her hands. We both are just not willing to relent about the dog. “I want to play dollies now, mommy.” “OK, but first we have to put the Play-Doh back in the boxes.” “NOOOOO!!!! It was a battle of wills, and Grace's was the stronger. !” “OK, tell me with words why you don’t want When are you going to finalize it? I called on everything I had; ... 4)  ... favours change, ministers will need to gird themselves for the battle of wills to come. Game on: ... 5)  ... not about a power struggle and caving in; Arsenal have been losing the battle of wills against players since the day they so casually let ... 6)  ... each player countering the moves of the other. 19)  ... and made a few suggestions as to the changes I wanted. A battle of wills can get very heated. 14)  I wonder if it's some kind of battle of wills and Dolly's seeing how far she can push us. if (year < 1000) year+=1900 Translations of the phrase IN A BATTLE OF WILLS from english to spanish and examples of the use of "IN A BATTLE OF WILLS" in a sentence with their translations: ...and cornelius vanderbilt are locked in a battle of wills . 9)  ... conflicting time at the start when boundaries are being established. Colleague 1:  Why does it always seem like such a battle of wills with those two? He was unmarried, childless and for the past seven years suffered from dementia. There is no gerund form for battle of wills. formal<---------------|----------X----->informal. bound, bound and determined, brick-wall, ceaseless, constant, continual, continuous, cruel, dead set on, endless, grim, hanging tough, hard-headed, implacable, incessant, inexorable, intransigent, iron-fisted, mortal, perpetual, persistent, pitiless, relentless, remorseless, rigid, ruthless, set, steady, stern, stiff, stiff-necked, tenacious, tough, unabated, unbending, unbroken, unflinching, unremitting, unsparing, unwavering, unyielding. 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