Anyone can make a return happen without putting any stress and return any of the hardware items under the Ace Hardware Return Policy. I had been surprised to find that only one was on the receipt (they printed at the store) but I had every intention of talking with my husband and said I would like to look for receipts at home. Sunan-December 2, 2019. Don't buy from ace. Wont be going there again and I'm sure glad I never fell for getting an Ace card. Their policy states that you have 30 days to return un-opened items, yet they changed their policy for the hurricane?? MY feed back you have a terrible return policy and you are using a virus to cover up your short comings. I had been surprised to find that only one was on the receipt (they printed at the store) but I had every intention of talking with my husband and said I would like to look for receipts at home. Why call yourself an Ace Hardware then. Nowhere in the Company Policies does it state an item must be returned to the original store...just within 30 days. I finally gave in and told them to send the saw out. No in-store credit (as is their policy) or anything. Stated it was in stock at that location. I recently bought an item that the manager told me would work. You can get in touch with us at 800 ASK ACE (800 275 223). If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Bought 1st bathroom faucet handle that snapped after slightly turning. If you buy online, you can not return to stores. Your receipt is all you need. … Bought a yeti hopper 20. I bought some items in Jesup, Georgia and I didn't use them. I spend hundreds a year there with the preferred customer card. The below item(s) in your order (removed actual order number) have run out of inventory at your local Ace store. I can't say the same for their online corp. After being told by several people that Stihl chainsaws were the way to go, I finally broke down and purchased a $400 Stihl Farm Boss MS271at Ace Hardware Mills River, NC after one of my trees fell down over my elderly neighbor's driveway. I took the saw back to the store immediately. not tacking my return. Your receipt is all you need. Item should be in unused condition at the time of return. Tried to return a box fan that did not work with receipt and I just bought it 30 hours ago with cash told we could not get our money, they do not refund money. She said she couldn't give me money for something they didn't sell. I return policy is terrible I bought a product that was defective two hours away for 20 some dollars and it's heavy and the only way but I could return it if I drive to that store or mail it which is gonna cost $20 in itself. Purchased a drill from Ace for $170. I felt pretty stupid because I had tried to return a couple things that I didn't even buy from them, they're from True Value! Secondly, I suppose because Ace is more of your "Mom & Pop" type of hardware store, employees have a tendency to act like they know you and often speak to you in a very unprofessional way. Please feel free to contact us at. The website said that the item was in stock. 1.30 return policy does not consist of Gift cards, gas-powered exterior devices or Magnolia home paint. The store less than 5 minutes away did not have it in stock. Tried to return it at my local Ace when I got home and they wouldn't take it. You may be ACE in name but bot in Customer Service. I'd highly recommend this store. However, because the package was not in pristine condition the clerk (manager?) Taking advantage of people in a natural disaster. Ace Hardware Policy & Procedures is a policy document covering the scope of business policies from ethical standards to vendor relationship expectations to shipment standards. Our friendly associates at the Kissimmee FL on SR-192 will not lift a finger! So I did get one that I was not wanting. Policy Statement “30-Day Return Guarantee. The return policies are much better. The pump did not work it shut off turned on shut off turned on. Tried to return a $40 air compressor. I purchased an electric bug zapper last year at Ace hardware in Ord Nebraska and needed a replacement bulb for it this year. Bought a baseboard heater three days ago. Here I am today, no product, and no refund. Verified customer My first time shopping at an Ace Hardware store and will be my last time. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. I feel screwed. I asked "when might you start accepting returns" the manager said "when the virus is over". Does anyone know if I can return it opened. For quicker delivery, please select Next Day or Second Day shipping. I told her; Ace should change that policy, and that I was never going to shop there again. Item should be in unused condition at the time of return. Took back unused items with no issues. She acts like it's a total burden and she's doing me a favor and then in the end decides that it isn't "Ace policy" because I have no receipt. View complete Ace Hardware Return Policy. Online it says to return in store, have attempted to return the items in store twice and spent time on the phone with Ace with no response. I got it home hooked everything thing up the way the manufacturer states it should be hooked up and was very disappointed in the outcome. Manager on duty -Laurie-said she didn't have the authority to refund my money. Tried to exchange 4 bolts purchased 2 days before in perfect condition with a receipt and was told I cannot return or exchange the bolts. Shipping changes are not refunded. Too bad it doesn't work that way. Really just want to return the two items that I don't need. I was very disappointed from the start of the process of purchasing the stove first off I placed an online order around 11:45am at 1:45pm I still had not received a confirmation email I spoke to an ace rep several times over the phone first they stated that my bank had not authorized the purchase I immediately spoke with a rep at my bank ( navy federal) and she stated that they had authorized the purchase. Ordered an order from online, neither was right for my project and wanted to return them both. I have always had great service at the Ace in Lincoln city, otrgon. I would like to know your response. Also apparently the rudest clerks that I've ever come across. I've been very pleased with the staff at this store and they've gone out of their way to help me when I've needed it on previous visits. We purchased items at a San Jose Ace Hardware. Gas powered outdoor equipment can only be returned if oil or gas was never put into it. I bought the bug zapper here that no longer works and wasn't even asking for a refund on it just the bulb. The cashier was very rude and so was the Manager. ridiculous!! Is this your store policy? I don't know if it's rudeness ,lazyness,or the owners not informing employees. Online approach will provide you to return your product within just a few clicks. I could see they were angling toward consumer misuse and that I would have no recourse or rebuttal once their mechanic made his diagnosis. Hopefully, I am right and if they give me credit, I will buy two more umbrellas tomorrow. Took it back Early Sunday morning. I took the other unopened packages back and unfortunately I didn't have the receipt. My calls to Ace customer service from inside the store was a waste of time. Not the manager fault. After 5 days of trying everything I knew to do. The manager was very rude trying to tell me I didn't know how to use a wood stove. Also you have to pay for returns. I was denied. A lady helped me and I said to her it looks too small and I needed something bigger. I always appreciated the convenience. All because my Ace in Smithville Tn would not do what is CLEARLY What ever happened to customer service. The customer service rep told me that Ace stores are all independently owned and have their own return and exchange policies. It's been set up on the patio recently and I think it might be defective. I bought some trap adapters at a store in my town. The glue is brand new, unused, as mentioned, and is current in their stock. Policy never mentioned, stated or in any way referred at the original request. They did not have the replacement bulb in Ord but I found one in Lincoln Ne at another Ace Hardware The bug zapper did not work with the new bulb so I took just the bulb back to my local Ace Hardware in Ord. Not hard and as long as you've got what's needed then no problems will happen. Supply products such as delivered or assembled to store only from where it was provided or set up.