Paid ads or organic growth?. They’ve got a ton of experience in creating research-based marketing courses. Step by step guide to create & run successful Facebook ads, The power of Pinterest & how to create promoted pins, Social media marketing basics & fundamentals, Social media marketing real-life case studies, How to post on social media for maximum engagement, Building & executing a solid content strategy, How to create social media creatives like images, Basics, principles & best practices on Instagram, How to create & set up a professional Facebook page, How to track & analyze the success of Facebook ads with Facebook pixels, How to create custom audiences & target them using Facebook pixels, The formula of high engagement on Facebook, Basic concepts & introduction to Instagram marketing, How to set up & create a business account on Instagram, How to make money from your Instagram account, Step by step guide to set up & run successful Instagram ads, How to use Instagram stories & Instagram live to increase engagement, How to create original social media content, How to repurpose your old social media posts, The concept of lead magnet & how to create one, What are email autoresponders & how do they work, How to build a high converting landing page, How to drive targeted traffic from Facebook to your landing page, How to organically drive traffic to your Facebook funnel, Preparing Pinterest creatives (Pin images), Master guide on how to pin for maximum engagement & sharing, How to design a professional LinkedIn profile to attract the right people, How to publish articles on LinkedIn & build authority, The art of building professional relationships on LinkedIn, How to find leads on LinkedIn & convert them, The art of building a relationship with your followers, The tools needed to amplify your Twitter marketing, Connecting with other streamers or gamers, Nightbot, song requests, commands & giveaways. So, I’m asking you now. Well, it depends. Maybe your audiences need a video ad?. There’s simply NO other way out. It is focused on helping you sell products using sales funnels. You’ll need a Fiverr seller account to be able to use the Fiverr Learn platform. He has produced more than 42+ courses to date. Benjamin is a marketer from Australia who is known for creating killer digital marketing strategies. Since most courses provide introductory videos, check those out, along with the full course descriptions and professor bios. If you found this article helpful, would you be so kind as to share it on Facebook or tweet it? But, it’s sustainable. To start you off, there’s a brief overview of social media, and an assessment of where you are. Ali Mirza is the creator of this course. If that professional is also interested in connecting with you then he or she accepts the “connection” request. Hope to see more posts from you. The content was rich, vera informative and well written. And, for advanced social media marketers, the complete Facebook sales funnel blueprint course (#6) is recommended. First, take a look at our comparison table, then read on for our recommendations. As the title suggests, this course is for someone who’s looking to master Facebook marketing & ads. And, Facebook ads are comparitively cheaper than Google adwords. You’ll get to know the various nuts & bolts of Twitter marketing. Learn about social media marketing from top-rated social media experts and stars. He has got more than 15+ years of experience in the video editing field. After taking one or more social media marketing courses listed here, you’ll become a better marketer & will be able to generate a constant stream of leads/sales. The course includes a section on empathy mapping, a tool that can give you more customer insight. Organically, you can tweet with relevant hashtags. She’s also known for her video production skills & training. Marketing on Twitter can either be organic or paid. You may start as a beginner, but by the end, you’ll know all the skills the professionals use. Social Media Certification Price: Free Platform: HubSpot Academy Why it's great: Inbound marketing course. All you need to do is create ad creatives, select targeting options & pay. Users are also reacting differently at different point of time. Alternatively, you can share a post on your feed. Recommended Read: 5 Easy-To-Use Facebook Advertising Tips For Small Businesses. Courses are delivered in an explainer video format, so you never see an actual person – we found this animated approach entertaining. Simple. Your followers aren’t interested in numerous random stuff about business. This advanced course is for someone who’s looking to use Facebook as a starting point of his or her sales funnel. And, Philomena has got 15+ years of experience of running various online businesses like eCommerce. Or take them all to become a savvier social media marketer in just a few weeks! On the other hand, imagine yourself growing your social media presence with brilliant content strategy. Diego Davila is the trainer of this course. Your best bet? They’ve been there & have made those costly mistakes. (Don’t thank me. When I started out, I made a mistake of running a Facebook ad on day one thinking that it’s easy. Why?. There’s a useful Q&A section where you can see what others have asked in the past or add your own questions, and the tutor is responsive.