Let’s Be Social! ingredients for your canned salmon sandwich. Alternatively, if you want to lighten things, replace the mayo with Greek yogurt. Where can I send it? Cut each sandwich into 3 finger sandwiches. You can use your. Dear Jenny, I have written a little poem for you about your incredible cooking & baking. Bread – Probably the second most important ingredient for this dish. On the bottom buns, add the green of your choice (in my case I used watercress and shredded romaine). Salmon doesn’t need much because it’s moist right out of the can. I grew up in Canada. Think about it. You’re bound to find something that’ll make your belly happy! Looking for a low-carb option? Repeat with remaining bread slices and salmon mixture. All images and content are COPYRIGHT PROTECTED. https://www.food.com/recipe/canned-salmon-salad-sandwiches-233240 © Girl Heart Food. I never expected to be posting a sandwich recipe but I think I have to. That bread looks good! I had some friends over recently and wanted to offer something different so I made salmon sandwiches… really simple salmon sandwiches. These sandwiches were made with a hamburger bun. canned salmon sandwich spread as an appetizer spread on toasted and butter French / Italian type bread slices You have an excellent protein in the fish, whole grains in the bread, and a vegetable in the lettuce. It should not be considered a substitute for a professional nutritionist’s advice. You definitely don’t want a soggy salad mixture here. Then there’s the long list of red salmon health benefits from benefiting your heart to your bones. I just mashed the salmon with my light mayo and that was it. Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. Or… you could try adding some yogurt to make it nice and creamy. Alternatively, you can bring it bang up to … I really enjoy watching you cooking. In a small bowl, combine the salmon, cucumbers, green onions, yogurt, mayonnaise, and lemon juice. Combined with dill, horseradish and lemon, this salmon … Nutrition information (if provided) is provided as a courtesy and should be considered an estimate only. I’ve never been a cook before, and thanks to your easy, delicious recipes, I’ve grown to love my time in the kitchen! It’s the easiest recipe I have ever posted, but one you will probably love just like my friends did. I love salmon, love wheat bread, love veggies… but hate mayo. Toast some buns and spread with mayo and Dijon mustard. A delicious, no-fuss meal that can be prepared in just 10 minutes! Love to hear how you enjoyed it! Slice the buns horizontally. Are there any other sauces/condiments that might keep the moisture of the salmon in this recipe? Makes for such a satisfying lunch! Think about it. I just love how you can take something simple (and pretty budget-friendly), like canned fish, and make something special out of it (I’m looking at you salmon patties, tuna melt and Greek yogurt tuna wrap). If they liked it that much, then I need to share it with everybody. Jenny, LOVE your site! If you want to make things richer, replace the yogurt with all mayo. You could just mash it without adding anything or maybe a splash of lemon juice or hot sauce. * Nutrition estimate only. Enjoy the salmon salad on leaves of Boston lettuce. Spread 1/2 cup of salmon mixture on both slices of bread. Toast buns (if desired) and spread one side with some mayo (if using) and the other side with mustard. Top with another bread slice, and spread with salmon mixture. That’s all I can think of. I’ve always read that red salmon has more omega-3 fatty acids and it tastes better to me but I don’t think it’s a huge difference. A salmon and cucumber sandwich is a quintessential British classic that takes you right back to genteel afternoon teas on Victorian croquet lawns. https://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/salmon-salad-sandwiches I have chosen a whole grain brown type bread You are so enthusiastic about every recipe.. It’s uplifting! I always have canned salmon at … Home » Handheld Bites » Salmon Salad Sandwich (made in just 10 minutes), July 6, 2020 By Dawn - Girl Heart Food 12 Comments. Carefully spread a thin layer of softened butter on the cut sides of the sandwich buns, or on the small squared pieces of sliced bread. Using a serrated bread knife in a gentle sawing motion, trim and discard crusts from sandwiches. Salmon Salad Sandwich Using a humble can of salmon, you can whip up the most delicious salmon salad sandwich in about 10 minutes! Copyright © 2020 JennyCanCook.com. It’s always something we look forward to each summer. You can send it to my blog in the “Ask/Tell Me Anything” category. Ingredients can vary and Girl Heart Food makes no guarantees to the accuracy of this information. They devoured all my sandwiches (I should have made more) but not only that, they asked for the recipe. Top with salmon salad mixture and garnish (if desired) or enjoy as is. Combined with dill, horseradish and lemon, this salmon salad is piled high on a toasted bun with avocado, tomato and lettuce. Click here for the recipe. If you're bringing this sandwich for lunch, keep the salmon salad separate and stuff the pita just before eating. Give everything a nice little mix to combine. I’m Dawn and I’m so happy you stopped by. It’s more important that it be wild-caught and not farmed. I usually like the red for salmon patties, but will buy the pink when it’s on sale. Every year, hubby, Riley and I make a trip out to Cape Spear and pack a lunch while enjoying the beautiful view. I grew up in Canada. I never had a tuna sandwich until I was 25. Sounds like fun! Today I’m sharing another canned fish recipe, perfect for lunch today … salmon salad sandwich!