Einige Lautsprecher erlauben aber eine Korrektur der Phasenverschiebung: Schauen Sie auf der Rück- oder Unterseite Ihres Subwoofers nach einem Schalter, der mit "0° / 180°" o.ä. i can get the cubic foot requirements fron the factory but what kind of box is most accomidating to different types of music? Es kann aber auch zu Auslöschungen kommen, wenn die Subwoofer in der Phase überinstimmen, aber falsch positioniert sind. Craigsub- do you know anything about car sub boxes? Setting the subwoofer volume is next. What this switch does, electrically, is the second easist thing to understand on a subwoofer’s wiring (the easiest is the ‘on/off’ switch). Thanks, Craig. and Crossover Frequencies. Ich betreibe an meiner Stereoanlage einen aktiven Subwoofer von Tannoy, an dem ich die Phase stufenlos verstellen kann 0-180, soweit so gut. The phase control operates over a range of 0 to 180 degrees. BruderTack am 05.08.2011 – Letzte Antwort am 05.08.2011 – 5 Beiträge : 110 Grad usw. Most subwoofers have a switch on the back that’s labelled ‘Phase’, and has positions of 0 and 180 degrees. Good stuff! You must log in or register to reply here. REL Acoustics 47,658 views The phase control in a powered subwoofer allows the user to add electrical delay to the incoming signal. System: Receiver: Denon AVR 1613, fronts: Klipsch KF-26's, Center: Klipsch KC-25, Sub: Klipsch SW-350, Rears: Definitive Technology ProMoniter 800's. Dieser sollte in der Grundeinstellungen auf 0° stehen. Measure both settings, 0 and 180 degrees. On the back of my subwoofer, there is a "Phase" switch that has either the option of 0 or 180. REL Acoustics How To: High & Low Level Subwoofer Tuning Step 1, Finding the Correct Phase - Duration: 2:21. It's provided because the speakers and subwoofer sound best when they are in-phase -- meaning their woofers move in and out in sync with each other. not to mention the Earl Shibe construction job i did is quite a site!! SUBWOOFER: 180° // 0° Umschalter?? So, if your receiver's crossover is set to 80Hz, what you first need is a pure 80Hz tone on a CD (or DVD). Reverse: flips the polarity (-/+) of the Sub relative to the rest of your speakers. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Normal: keeps the polarity (+/-) of the Sub the same relative to the rest of your speakers. Movies, Ultra HD Blu-ray Discs, DVDs & Theatricks. My problem is that i have 4-12" RF Punch phase 2. and they were in a sealed box in the back of a 4-runner. If you have an SPL meter and you want to get more technical about setting the subwoofer's phase properly, what you want to do is figure out which setting provides the most output at your receiver's crossover setting. Now ive got a Chevy suburban and the box wont fit-go figure. Normal - the subwoofer is 'in-phase' with the other speakers; ie when the other speakers move in, the subwoofer moves in and when the other speakers move out, the subwoofer moves out. This essentially puts the sub 180 degrees out of phase. addY am 25.06.2003 – Letzte Antwort am 01.08.2003 – 6 Beiträge : Hat SKy HD grad Soundprobleme? The subwoofer moves in when the other speakers move out. But I do a lot of long distance traveling and love loud music! In dem Fall ist aber eine Drehung um genau 180° nicht immer die beste Lösung und wenn … beschriftet ist. Phase/0°/180°: Sowohl das Stereo-Dreieck, als auch die 5.1-Lautsprecheraufstellung nach ITU-R BS.775-1 sieht in etwa gleichgroße Abstände zwischen dem Hörer und jedem Lautsprecher vor, sodass alle Signale gleichzeitig beim Hörer eintreffen. Set your mains to small, and run an 80 Hz signal through your system. so which phase would it be much better in line with main speakers then? If the bass is not to your liking, flip the phase either to 0 or 180- listen for quality- and you’re done. So kann man u.U. box just to get it installed and lost a bit of the sound quality. However, if you do not notice any difference when changing the 0-180 setting, it only means there are no issues in your room and all is fine. I listen to a lot of talk radio too so I refuse to invest any more money in my car stereo. What you want to do is grab a Rad shack SPL meter for $40. Many subwoofers have switches for just the purpose of going between the two. Adding delay to the subwoofer signal can sometimes help the subwoofer to integrate better with the loudspeakers in the room. (Note: some subwoofers may contain a “variable” phase control, which provides variable control between 0 and 180 for even more precise phase control of your subwoofer.) Some subwoofers have a continuously variable phase control which allows you to set the phase anywhere from 0 degrees (normal) to 180 in small increments. I thought I would build another box so When I want to Make my ears bleed with Angus, Malcom, Bon, Phil, & Cliff I can! Reverse - 180 degrees out of phase. Contest Giveaways from Audioholics Partners! If you don't hear any difference between the 0 and 180-degree settings, leave the phase control in the 0 position. What this switch does, electrically, is the second easist thing to understand on a subwoofer’s wiring (the easiest is the ‘on/off’ switch). Think about it - It is hard to get a good "game face" for a business meeting when you were just singing "Highway to Hell" at the top of your lungs ... your right! Most subwoofers have a switch on the back that’s labelled ‘Phase’, and has positions of 0 and 180 degrees. Whichever is louder (meaning higher SPL) is the one you use. Ive got an older system but need to build a different box for my newer truck. Phase. What does this mean, and what should I have it set to? Ah, got it now! Let's say normal is 0 degrees, and reverse is 180 degrees. I made a temp. JavaScript is disabled. Nun bin The Subwoofer Dilemma: Phase 0 or 180? Setting the phase control to 180 degrees reverses the polarity of the subwoofer. There are storage compartments in the back of the chevy that make the floor space about 4 inches too narrow. Nicht an jedem Subwoofer können Sie die Phase manuell verändern. Auslöschungen verhindern, die durch die Aufstellung bzw. If you are up for a couple more questions…. ??? Räumlichkeit verursacht werden. If you have any Ideas what kind of box (open air...lots of space,) would suit best (ported, seales, isobaric(sp)) , i would appreciate it. ausrichten, messen Great advice, i'm using floorstanding main speakers, should i set it to small also? Anyway, i'll make a try to see any difference. Listen to the quality of the sound. "Let our rigorous testing and reviews be your guidelines to A/V equipment – not marketing slogans", Get our latest product reviews and AV stories emailed to you weekly. Dann kann man auch versuchsweise einen Sub invertieren.