While warming a ham in an oven will take around two hours, cooking your ham in an air fryer takes only 30 minutes, making quick work of hours-long process in the oven. Remove the ham from the refrigerator half an hour before cooking to bring to room temperature. Take a casserole dish that fits in the Airfryer and make the marinade. For the marinade, mix the whiskey, honey and mustard. Country hams can be found whole in the south–often wrapped in the netting used for smoking–or you can buy it sliced and ready to fry. So if you’re big on ham but short on time, cooking your spiral ham in an air fryer is the perfect answer to your timing issues. Repeat the last step another 3-4 times (with a total cooking time of 15-20 minutes after the initial 15 minutes in step 7). Place the ham in the oven dish and turn it in the marinade. Remove the air fryer basket & carefully open just the top of the foil around the ham. Country ham is preserved by curing with a blend of salt, spices and (sometimes) sugar to make what some people say is an “unpalatable” salty, crispy result. Heat the Airfryer to 320 degrees F and cook the ham for 15 minutes. Brush the ham with more glaze, recover & cook another 5 minutes.