He says I don't have any rights. Later, by introducing various types of custody an equal opportunity is given to the father to obtain the custody of the child. 0 claps +0 . Jack Sparks, 53, was taken into custody Monday morning and then released on $2,000 bond. At the time of writing, the UK national minimum wage for a 16-year-old is £4.35. Maybe you should ask some friends that know about these things like custody of the possessions and children. Anyone in a position of trust who has sexual activity with a person under the age of 18 however, will be committing an offence. Custody rights of Indian moms (and dads) after divorce. Sparks was charged with engaging in sexually inappropriate Internet conversations with a 15-year-old male. However, the custody of children below the age of 5 years is by default given to the mother unless the mother is proven to be unfit for raising the child. NBC 10 reported that the boy was not a student at the school. I think when your in custody of the first parent (Mother) your able to visit the 2nd (father). This differs for apprentices. Under the standing order, according to you, you have the legal responsibility to provide all of the needs of this child. I told my mom the plans and she neglected it … Share on. Asked on 6/20/06, 6:58 pm. Share on. Phroska L. McAlister PHROSKA LEAKE … Once you are 16, you have various rights in … My mom has the custody of my sister and me. I don't really get along with them though. 1 Answer from Attorneys. Your rights at 16 years old mean you are able to consent to intercourse with anyone else over the age of 16. Therefore your parents can intervene in these circumstances due to their responsibility to keep you safe. He is head of the Albert Einstein Academy in Wilmington. 0 claps +0 . I have joint custody and joint physical placement of our two children (14 and 16) My ex has informed me our son is staying there and it will be ''legal''. Medical treatment. We been having hard times in the past 2 years especially because my mom remarried. Can this be done without my consent or knowledge? Re: child custody at 16 years old, child wants to live in texas. My real dad proposed to me to move out with him out of the country when this school year ends. Earn the minimum wage. There are no issues with my son and myself. If she has custody over the both of you until you're 18 then I don't know. Children above the age of 9 years are given a chance of choosing their custodial parent. Custody of 16 year old son. A Texas judge is not going to allow you to terminate your parental obligations to support and care for this child until the age of 18. By Sharika Nair | 29th May 2016. I'm 16 years old and my parents been separated for 6 years now and divorced 3 years. Claim child tax credit if responsible for at least one child; Invest in a cash ISA; Join a trade union; If a 16-year-old is employed by her parent and holds a licence, she can work as a street trader Share on.