Soil: A well-drained, slightly alkaline soil. Trees and Shrubs. Eremophila means desert loving, and these plants certainly do love our climate. Eremophila maculata'Summertime Blue' flowers are pale mauve to blue. Collections were made during the early This is important for both birds and insects. Eremophila maculata ‘Magenta form’ has the best red flowers. Three subspecies have been recognised by the Australian Plant Census: The epithet brevifolia is from Latin and refers to the short leaves, and filifolia is Latin and refers to the long, narrow leaves. Eremophila maculata [Spotted Emu Bush] part of the Scrophulariaceae family with Red or Yellow flowers flowering in Winter-spring-summer avaliable from Australian Native Plants located in Ventura, CA The effects of this plant are always worse after rain. Eremophila maculata Aurea | Yellow Spotted Emu Bush information & photos. The most common form in gardens is the cherry-coloured form of E. maculata subsp. Eremophila maculata x racemosa . Eremophila maculata, also known as spotted emu bush,[2] or spotted fuchsia-bush[3] is a plant in the figwort family, Scrophulariaceae and is endemic to Australia. A sunny position sheltered from strong wind is ideal but the shrub is very drought and frost hardy and can be grown in coastal areas which are sometimes subject to high humidity. Eremophila Maculata ‘Silver Hybrid’ has attractive grey green to silvery foliage. Aurea 2m. The buds before they open are also quite conspicuous. "[12], Eremophila maculata is well known in horticulture and hybrid forms and cultivars such as "Carmine Star" and "Aurea" have been developed. [5] It was first formally described in 1822 by John Bellenden Ker Gawler as Stenochilus maculatus Ker Gawl. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. 1.5m P. Upright shrub, light green foliage, yellow flowers. Eremophila oppositifolia. Meduim shrub, mauve - purple flowers in spring, good drainge required. While young they are green yellow turning to yellow just before they open. This is one of their best characteristics. Eremophila maculata compact red. 0 more photos VIEW GALLERY. 1950's of a plant which came to be known as Eremophila maculata forma aurea (Bailey and Gordon). brevifolia but other colours are becoming popular. ORIGIN: Eremophila 'Aurea' has been known in cultivation for This is important for both birds and insects. In Arizona, several species of Eremophila are found in many gardens, most notably Eremophila maculata var. Eremophila maculata is a low spreading shrub, which usually grows to less than 2.5 metres (8 ft) tall. [4], Joseph Maiden's 1889 book 'The Useful Native Plants of Australia’ records that "This is considered poisonous by some, and by others a good fodder bush. Eremophila maculata 'Aurea' has slightly longer leaves and yellow flowers. The flowers are found in spring and are yellow, tubular, with consipicious red spots in the throat of the flowers. In 2016 in our garden, 27 different varieties of eremophila flowered for more than half the year and two, Eremophila maculata brevifolia and Eremophila maculata ‘Aurea’ flowered every week of the year, even during Canberra’s winter. The 5 petals are joined for most of their length in a tube 25–35 millimetres (0.98–1.4 in) long, but the lobes on the sides and bottom of the flower are often turned or rolled back. Upright shrub, light green foliage, yellow flowers. It does not appear to be dangerous to stock accustomed to eat it, but to others, travelling stock particularly, Mr. Hutchinson of Warrego (Queensland) considers it to be deadly. Farmhouse Landscaping Plant Information Emu Native Plants Modern Farmhouse Plant Leaves Backyard Landscape Yellow spotting in throat: red group 53A. but the clone described [2][3][4], The flower colour often varies even within a single population and may be pink, mauve, red, orange or yellow, often spotted on the inside. The outside of the petals is glabrous but the inside surface of the tube is hairy and the lobes have a few spider-web like hairs. ORIGIN: Eremophila 'Aurea' has been known in cultivation for many years and its origin is obscure. Australian native plant (small bush) Family: Scrophulariaceae; also placed in: Myoporaceae . Tip pruning helps to keep Summary Information . Eremophila maculata 'Aurea' (Yellow Eremophila) - cultivated. View gallery. Eremophila maculata aurea. In nature, spotted emu bush often grows in heavy clay soil and in the garden can be grown in similar soil or even in deep sand. Its flowers occur singly in the leaf axils and have a glabrous, S-shaped stalk, 10–25 millimetres (0.4–1 in) long.