The Haniwa functions as a superboss similar to Warmech from the original Final Fantasy, in that it appears rarely randomly in a certain area, which in this case happens to be the final area. Clan Cinquleur members also are superbosses, as the second and third time the player encounters them, they are level 99 and are very difficult to defeat (albeit not as difficult as Magick Weapon). Although not quite as powerful, the fiend version of Shinra, titled Almighty Shinra, is also a superboss. That seems like enough of a challenge, but it is only the start. Another enemy, Yomi, is similar in appearance to, and uses the same battle tactics as, Vercingetorix from the original game. Defeating them rewards the player with a Megalixir, two Mega-Ether, and an Initial Regen Mirajewel. It has an attack called Tidal Wave that will hit every adventurer in the dungeon for 3,000 damage. In addition to the above, alliance raids, open dungeons, high-end FATEs and S-rank Hunts can also be considered superbosses by virtue of the sheer amount of players needed to complete them. Defeating her awards the player 25,000 CP (the most of any enemy) and the Fair Fighter achievement/trophy if the player defeated it in Normal Mode. There are the bosses found in the World of balance and the World of Ruin, and there are also the 8 legendary dragons. Many Final Fantasy fans enjoy these secrets because it allows them to go deeper into the game and learn new and exciting things or get new items. I never really thought much about it but the other I day, he was over and I asked him to bring his Final Fantasy VI cartridge and show me the secret boss on my old SNES. Warmech is often seen as the series' first super boss, and most players encountered it entirely by accident. Subsequent releases have toned down Warmech's power, but it is still a difficult fight none the less. Friendly Yan is the only enemy that is impossible to beat with a level 1 team. Weapons are colossal monsters that have appeared as superbosses since their introduction in Final Fantasy VII. The Advance version adds stronger versions of these bosses, Omega Mk.II and Neo Shinryu, in the optional post game Sealed Temple dungeon. If any one boss's health goes to zero, Tama automatically uses an all-targeting ability "Timewalk" to fully revive any fallen allies. One of the most enigmatic extra characters is Gogo, who can be found in the Zone Eater's Belly. Aeronite must be defeated to complete the "What Rough Beast Slouches" sidequest in the Dead Dunes. The Chamber of Arms features an additional boss known as Warden Welter faced after all other twelve bosses have been defeated, thus acting like the superboss of the Chamber of Arms. Ozma's unique attack pattern makes it especially difficult; its A.I. "???" Deathgaze acts as a sort of superboss, due to its end-game level of power, but its difficulty is diminished since the player is not intended to defeat it in a single encounter, but to weaken it over time. A Wyrm appears as the 99th floor boss of the same dungeon. Vercingetorix is the final Cie'th Stone mission. Winning nets players several rewards, including a trophy in the PS4 version. Other superbosses are the bosses of Brightmoon Tor sidequest, and the clans of "The Final Mission," which encounter the party at level 99, and ban the summoning of scions (they can still be summoned, but if the player uses one, they lose the judge's protection). Angra Mainyu in Bikanel Desert can be encountered multiple times during routine dig sessions, and can be fought and finally defeated after completing a quest in Chapter 5. The Hell Wyrm can be fought in the Sochen Cave Palace after the conclusion of the Wyrm Philosopher sidequest. Side quests are basically only offered in the form of Cie'th Stones on Gran Pulse that give extra missions to the players. The rematch against Ifrit is another superboss from Comrades. This would lead anyone to believe that these areas were meant to be a part of the story at some point. It is by far the most powerful opponent and is similar to Omega except even more powerful. The Bronx, 5 Most Memorable Viral Video Games Of All Time (& 5 That Were Really Stupid, Now That We Think About It), It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia: Frank's 10 Best Episodes, Ranked (According To IMDb), The Queen's Gambit: 10 Other Movies & TV Shows About Prodigies. For the bosses, some of them are even a challenge to find, let alone taking it on in battle. Defeating Omega rewards one of the surviving Adventurers with the Omega Symbol, a level 50 necklace that adds +27 to all stats, as well as a regular medal for completing the floor. While it takes a long time to unlock the boss itself, the battle itself is also a a solid test endurance. While their power can be reduced by using a Ba'al Buster Ship, when fought at their strongest they rival the Adventurer in power. Emerald weapon, a superboss from Final Fantasy VII. becomes accessible with the use of the Nautilus, one of the game's air ships. Several of the lunar Eidolons—namely Lunar Dragon (who guards the Dualcast ability), Lunar Odin (who guards Ragnarok), Lunar Leviathan (who guards the Hero's Shield), and Lunar Bahamut (who guards the Ultima Weapon)—are exclusive superbosses for the 3D remake. You can help the Final Fantasy Wiki by. The bosses released in both can be considered superbosses, because they are far more difficult than any content at the time of their respective release. Trending pages. A Menace Sleeps in Costlemark is the highest level, and typically last completed, portion of the Menace Beneath Lucis sidequest, which awards the Hunter's Medal. The battle began with Nael charging Megaflare (which now deals around 7,000 damage), requiring players to employ extreme damage mitigation tactics to survive the initial minutes of the fight. Additionally, there are two level 99 enemies in Episode Prompto that can be considered superbosses, the Kaiser Behemoth and MA-X Angelus Casus. Bhunivelze is the last boss of the third entry to the Final Fantasy XIII saga. For a fully-leveled party, only the DLC superbosses will still pose a significant challenge. Dungeon," available after unlocking the Mognet sidequest. Duties that once represented the pinnacle of difficulty for eight players can often be defeated by a single player under these circumstances. A woman names Ezma near the Meldacio Hunter HQ will give Noctis a key after he collects several royal arms. Neither have any true secret bosses. Long Gui has 16,200,000 HP, while its two front legs have 1,080,000 HP each. As with Aeronite, Ereshkigal may be fought on the Ark with the same stats it would have if encountered in a Chaos infusion (giving it a maximum potential of 39,375,000 HP on Hard Mode). The post-game floors of Babil Tower house some of the strongest bosses in the game; Omega, Golden Dragon, Chaos, Ultimate Weapon, Mech Chocobo, and rematches against all seven Prismatic Gods. The player must talk with Challengingway at the secret location on the True Moon to fight it. Of the High Notorious Monsters (HNMs) in Vana'diel, the reigning superboss used to be Absolute Virtue from Chains of Promathia. Other battlefields known for their difficulty include "Divine Might," a battlefield that pits an alliance against the Ark Angels, "Waking the Beast," where one must face off against Carbuncle Prime and the six celestial avatars, as well as "The Wyrmking Descends," which is a battlefield against the Wyrmking Bahamut and his wyrm minions. Players who enjoyed the game enough to run through it twice, we know you're out there somewhere, will find that the ultimate battle is not quite the same.