5. Among the most serious Earth science and environmental policy issues confronting society are the potential changes in the Earth’s water cycle due to climate change. Theory and evidence indicate that trees and other vegetation influence the atmospheric water-cycle in various ways. More recently, increasing attention has been directed at the potential, impact of forests on global conditions. The multiple water and climate-related services provided by forests – precipitation recycling, cooling, water purification, infiltration and groundwater recharge, not to mention their multiple traditional benefits (food, fuel and fiber) – represent powerful adaptation opportunities that can significantly reduce human vulnerability and simultaneously, through their carbon storage functions, … As previously discussed, tropical rainforests play a vital role in local climate regulation by their interaction Climate change is likely causing parts of the water cycle to speed up as warming global temperatures increase the rate of evaporation worldwide. The conservation of Snow: its dependence upon mountains and forests. Forest vegetation assists in the formation of soil by the accumulation of plant remains by stimulating weathering through the action of acids formed by vegetation, and by the resistance which forest vegetation offers to moving air and water. Continued / Next: Atmospheric Role of Forests. 1973. Fax: +977-1-416144, Forest plays an important role in erosion control owing to the combined effect of: Part of the water that seeps into soil at higher elevations reappears at the surface lower down in springs. Warmer temperatures associated with climate change and increased carbon dioxide levels may speed plant growth in regions with ample moisture and nutrients. In other words, tropical forests cool local climate and help generate rainfall. 1947. Changes in local climate patterns can have significant impacts on food production, especially in rural tropical areas practicing subsistence agriculture and semi-arid tropical regions such as the Cerrado of Brazil. Experts refers to noise as "Invisible pollution". Environment may be analyzed into a number of factors, such as Soil, Moisture, Wind, Temperature etc. 1 Nepal local and global weather through their absorption and creation of rainfall and their exchange of atmospheric gases. Schretzenmayr, M. Ullrichm, T. 1979. Influence on Air Currents. The psycho physiological influence of trees in the form of purified air, clean water, rests and recreation, scenic enjoyment reduced noise level and spiritual replenishment are being fully appreciated. Rainforests, like all forms of vegetation, affect the "surface albedo" or reflectivity of a surface by absorbing more heat than bare soil. become more unstable and extreme. Clouds affect the climate and climate affects the clouds. Ed. Soil is transported from one place to another either by wind or by water. We are already seeing impacts of higher evaporation and precipitation rates, and the impacts are expected to increase over this century as climate warms. The physical environment controls the organisms, and organisms also influences and control the abiotic environment in many ways. 11. As we’ve gone through the definitions of water cycle, weather and climate, let’s look at a glance how this water cycle affects the weather and climate in a particular region: Water cycle can create more clouds in a region. Rainforests, like all Effect of forest on precipitation varies with the species, coniferous trees having a greater influence than broadleaved species (Weber,1903). Forest soil, with its overlaying organic layers is in a real sense a vast sponge capable of absorbing much more water per unit area than soil in the open. Tropical rainforests play a vital role in the functioning of the planet's natural systems. increase fertility of surface soil. However, rainforests also have a significant effect on global weather. Forests provide protection for most terrestrial 'game birds. The forests regulate Gal, 4. I st PP: 193-238. Under present circumstances and grave situation of air pollution it appears that plant as a great source of natural air conditioning is being overlooked. Trees of Pakistan. classed as game are more or less dependent upon forest for food and protection. (b) Forest lower the daily maximum of air temperature and raise the daily minimum. Stream Salinity 5.4. Wind speed is reduced in forests. 4.1.3.Forest Influence on Animal Distribution. Carbon pools In forest. Foundation of Silviculture upon on ecological basis. The resulting dry climate would result in increased probability of fire on peat land because of higher temperature and lower rainfall during the dry season.