The customers have flexibility of purchasing goods from such nearby retailers as per their convenience. Proper management of the operations function has led to success for many companies. The retail business operations include all the activities that the employers perform to keep the store functioning smoothly. Retail operations managers are tasked with maintaining the upkeep of retail stores. Give Credit; Accept deposit; Money management; 1) Give Credit Banks offer credit to their clients for purchasing it also includes mortgages and loans. Function # 7. Operational excellence means achieving a sustainable competitive advantage through the optimization of retail operations. They do not have to travel long distances to reach the wholesaler or the producer. The main three important functions of retail banking is. Retail operations -- where goods are sold to the public -- require a range of specialized professionals to operate efficiently. Risk-Bearing: Wholesalers serve as a shock absorber. Retail operations is the term used to describe all the activities that keep the store functioning well. By doing this banks will increase liquidity in the economy. Also the manufacturer is assured that his goods are reaching the place of consumption on a timely basis. The shopping experience of a customer is planned before the customer enters, shops, and leaves the store with a smile or with agony by carrying a perception about the store. It may arise due to change in demand or damage to goods while in storage. Retailers are usually located in residential areas and remain operational throughout the day. It includes people management, supply chain, store layout, cash operations, physical inventory, master data management, promotions and pricing, and so on. Then Dell implemented a new business model that completely changed the role of its operations function. Thus, they help the producers as well as the retailers to a great extent. Retail operations enable a store to function smoothly without any hindrances. Store Operations Running a retail store is far from simple. They have to bear the risk entailed in the process of distribution of goods. Learn the fundamentals of store operations, including devising daily procedures, creating internal controls and systems, and establishing retailing functions and other systems of management. It takes professionals in positions ranging from supervision to sales and inventory management to run a retail store smoothly. This experience drives the customer’s decision of visiting the store in future. For example, in 1994 Dell Inc. was a second-tier computer maker that managed its operations similar to others in the industry (Schniederjans & Cao, 2009). this will lead to increase employment and create more opportunities.