In my article about garage door opener troubleshooting, I help you to correct the most common problems without having to consult either your owner's manual or an expensive professional. I have a CHAMBERLIN LIFTMASTER PROFESSIONAL FORMULA 1 GARAGE DOOR OPENER - My garage door opens from the wall control if I keep the button pushed in until the garage is completely opened. Q: When I returned from work today, I pushed the button on my remote garage door opener—but the door didn’t budge. Your garage door opener stopped operating as it should ?. You may need a new remote. Still nothing? The wall switch has three functions: 1) to open and close the door. Garage Door Won't Open with Remote Fix: Replace batteries or buy a new remote or receiver If the wall switch works but one of the remotes doesn't, check the batteries first. The safety beams are working properly. Don't panic! I've had this same issue, when it's not the vacation lock as mentioned by someone else, you can make the garage door opener blink like this if you hold down one of the remote's buttons too long. Keep in mind that the motion sensor really only plays a role if your working or moving around in the garage a lot without triggering the opening/closing of the garage door, so if that is not a concern for you then I would try to go ahead and replace your existing wall switch with a basic one from a hardware store as I mentioned in my post above. The wiring is all good, but when you push the button to open or close the door nothing happens. The contact metals for both the limit switches and light sockets are flimsy and tarnish very easily. The wall switch has a red LED that is lit. The door works from the remote but does not work from the wall switch. Home centers carry a few models, and you can find a wide selection online. Nothing at all. A remote control uses batteries to send wireless signals, so a dead battery may cause it to fail even though the door control works. Then all the remotes stop working and the wall pad light blinks rapidly. It can be quite easy to find the solutions needed to repair your garage opener. I've been told they are cheap on all their models. Your garage door opener is equipped with an integrated receiver logic board that receives a signal from for your hand-held remote controls wirelessly, whereas your wall-mounted door control panel is hard-wired. The limit switch contacts, and the light sockets for that matter, are made of very cheap materials on my 2003 Chamberlain garage door opener.