They ensure all the services deploy securely and correctly. The training institutes and online learning platform provides you job assistance, which you really don’t need after getting certified. A search of those same job boards returns more than 5,000 job openings with "architect" in the title that pay more than $100,000, with many of those jobs paying more than $150,000 for high-demand IT architect skills. These are the following things you would get to learn throughout your cloud solution architect career path. Cloud computing is the technology of future so if you have decided to go for this career path then definitely without any doubt, you should start following this career path whether you are a fresher or experienced. The best option to enrol for the master’s degree program is while doing the job, like the vast majority of IT people preferred. Deploying and maintaining (management & monitoring) the cloud infrastructure. These courses also help you to get certified in the respective cloud solution architect certification. Therefore your area of expertise will be IaaS. Because of its features and advantages every company wants to migrate their whole infrastructure to the cloud. First and foremost you need to know about the basic concepts of cloud computing and find these general questions answers, which is really needed to be known. So if you did not enrol for training then you should be fine after getting certified. Must Check >> Best Online Courses for Cloud Solution Architect Which Eventually Help You To Pass Certification Exam. After deployment of applications on the cloud you have to manage it. Why industries are shifting their whole IT infrastructure towards cloud? I am not saying you have to be a guru in all the tools related to Cloud Architect without knowing how to use them appropriately. Like I said earlier, anyone can become a cloud engineer/cloud solution architect even if they have done their graduation in B.A. Professional Cloud Architect. Amazon Web Services (AWS) has been securing its position for several years. Similar cloud services in AWS and Azure. The job calls for a mix of hard technical skills, strong people skills, and leadership abilities that is hard to acquire without building tenure and extensive experience in the IT workforce. So these training institutes and short-term online programmes will really help you a lot to achieve success in cloud computing industries in a short span of time. This post may contain affiliate links. [2] Internet connection to reach out the cloud services and to get the benefit of resources which you have purchased or rented from a cloud provider. The problem in this learning path is it takes time. Architects get involved with initial requirements analysis and see things through to retirement and replacement much further down the road. The architect is responsible for designing the whole building infrastructure. What actually I am going to do as a cloud solution architect in an organisation? Architect (Cloud Computing):  A Cloud Solution Architect is a person who is responsible to build an environment/ Infrastructure over to the cloud by planning and designing the available resources. Yes you can learn by yourself there are plenty of resources on internet and books. What is meant by Cloud Solution Architect? How a non-technical person can make their career in Cloud Computing. They tell you the exact same thing which is written in the books but in a more comprehensive and understandable way. Cloud architects must possess or develop a sizable collection of skills. You must have to pass your High school with Maths and Computer in order to become a cloud solution architect. To get entry level job no need to do masters but this would be a great help at the time of promotion. Networking: LAN/WAN technologies, OSI model and TCP/IP suite, File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Domain Name System (DNS), Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), Telnet and Secure Shell (SSH), Load balancer, Content Delivery Networks (CDN), Access Control List (ACL), Network Address Translation (NAT), Routing tables, Switches, Router and Firewalls. On the business side, cloud architects seek to understand what kind of functionality is needed, what it's supposed to do, what competitive advantages it might deliver and how much it will cost to implement. Anybody can become a cloud solution architect even though not having a technical bachelor degree. But cloud architects do much more than design systems or IT environments. In this article “How to become a Cloud Solution Architect” you will get to know every aspect of cloud solution architect career path so that you can easily decide; Is cloud solution architect career path right fit for me …or not? Those tools would be your buddy in your whole cloud solution architect career path. Best Online Courses for Cloud Solution Architect, What is Cloud Computing and how it comes to existence (History of cloud computing). And so, AWS is the largest shareholder in the cloud industry followed by Microsoft Azure. This is the short way it will consume much less time to learn cloud architecting than the first option. Although according to the facts, most of the cloud engineers are from technical background. Before actually going to know the step-by-step procedure to become a Cloud Solution Architect. Ed is a 30-year-plus veteran of the computing industry, who has worked as a programmer, a technical manager, a classroom instructor, a network consultant and a technical evangelist for companies that include Burroughs, Schlumberger, Novell, IBM/Tivoli and NetQoS. The tools you will be going to use to design and troubleshoot companies infrastructure would completely depend upon which of the cloud service provider you are going to choose to get expertise in cloud solution architect i.e. However, if a person belongs to the non-technical background but he/she wants to be a cloud solution architect then obviously he/she have to struggle hard as compared to a person with the technical background. Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent. So these are the few most common knowing and necessary skills a cloud solution architect should have…, Domains/Services in Cloud Computing: Compute, Networking, Database, Storage & Migration, Management, Scalability and Security, Know all the important domains and services of AWS, Most popular Microsoft Azure Cloud services you should know. Education 2 (Mandatory): Bachelor’s Degree. Surprisingly, this is one role where soft skills play a crucial role alongside technical skills. By the end of this article you will get know how to start? Why cloud technology is being popular. Certification adds a great value to your resume and provides lots of job opportunities. They must also take ownership of such systems or environments throughout their lifecycles. As the name implies architect, means to design something. To learn all those skills & tools and finally become a certified cloud solution architect you have two options.