Jennifer that is fascinating stuff. It is certainly important to consider the harmful chemicals that plastic is composed of. Moreover, higher ingestion of this mineral is linked with lower IQ levels. Processed beverages and foods, non-stick cookware, some pharmaceuticals, non-organic grape juice and wine, and of course fluoride toothpaste will all. Frequent cartridge replacement to maintain effectiveness adds to initial costs. For fluoride removal, the water pH should be between 5 and 6. Thanks so much for commenting, you’re absolutely right! Flouride once incorporated in a biological system very rarely is excreted so a build up of it over a lifetime of exposure causes health issues. I do know that some of the plants in my greenhouse do much better when watered with rainwater as opposed to tap water. The most popular water filters — the inexpensive activated-carbon pitchers and tap-attachments sold under the brand names Brita and Pur — can’t remove fluoride. While it is possible to make a reverse osmosis system at home, it is often more expensive to piece together than buying a system would be. It’s always important to question what we put into our bodies, and we have a right to know! We take your words seriously. As water passes through the filter, contaminants are absorbed into the activated alumina granules, resulting in purer water. It’s interesting to hear how widespread the fluoridation of water has become over the last century–we hope the tips in this article were useful for you. Thanks : ). Hey Debbie! There are whole house filters available as well that are installed at the main water line for the home. This unit can make consistently pure water from any source in an emergency, even swimming pools, ponds, or seawater. Although the practice of fluoridation still continues to this day, many scientists have questioned the efficacy and safety of adding this mineral to local water supplies. I hope that one day all the wrongs will be made right. The first community to willingly fluoridate its water source was Grand Rapids, Michigan. Remember fluoridated water (tap water + more flouride) that Nestle and other companies promotes can cause the fluorosis seen in india in children. , A simple solar distillation process could be an interesting option to include here, as it would not consume fuel or electricity like commercial or stovetop water stills. After knowing the negative effects of floride…why does the city keep adding it to our water is so rediculous. All of these issues, as well as evidence of corruption related to fluoride policies, have catalyzed an anti-fluoride movement that’s not likely to dissipate any time soon. Low-tech: attractive countertop unit needs no hookups to plumbing or electrical systems. The primary issue was that these outdated studies weren’t able to account for other products that contain high levels of this mineral, such as toothpaste and other dental products. According to a 2017 study, pregnant women who are exposed to higher concentrations of fluoride have an increased risk of giving birth to babies with poorer cognitive functions. Note that the optional PF2 must be added for fluoride removal, as the Berkey on its own does not take out fluoride. Ultimately, Portlanders voted “no” to fluoride. Because they want to dumb us down & poison us …. So just leave a bottle with the cap off for 24 hours and it should evaporate the chloride. These positive findings regarding oral health also explain why this mineral is such a prevalent ingredient in toothpaste and mouthwash. It is available in the form of water filter cartridges and can eliminate approximately 90% of the mineral content from water. When trying to highlight the downside of bottled water, please don’t forget to mention that chemicals from the plastic leech into the water. The steam will quickly condense, form droplets and drip into the stainless steel bowl. Dentist Frederick McKay discovered fluoride in the water supply of Colorado Springs more than 90 years ago. There are some methods many people assume will remove fluoride from water, but they’re actually quite ineffective.