To begin with, it can be used as a bleach for whites in your wash. Every time we see hydrogen peroxide, we remember that painful sting we felt when our parents would dab our cuts and/or scapes using a cotton ball that had hydrogen peroxide on it. In other words, we tend to think of it when it comes to disinfecting cuts or scrapes. So check out these amazing uses for hydrogen peroxide and let us know what you think! Hydrogen Peroxide Hacks That Will Change The Way You Clean 1. ), it has dozens of uses that are actually useful. Then wash your clothes as normal. Here are the best hydrogen peroxide hacks that’ll make your life ten times easier. Glass Cleaner. Hydrogen peroxide is an antiseptic. Flickr / osseous ~ Remove Ink Stains From Clothes. We’ve created a list full of borderline-genius hacks that will show you how to clean with hydrogen peroxide around the home. Hydrogen peroxide hacks come in many forms. Generally speaking, hydrogen peroxide is "pretty safe," adds Alan, which might help explain why it's touted for so many different uses. When we think about hydrogen peroxide, we think of our childhood. Here are the best hydrogen peroxide hacks that’ll make your life ten times easier. Whiten Whites. Since hydrogen peroxide is relatively safe, you can use it to whiten your teeth, clean your ears, and care for your skin. If you wan’t more laundry tips, then you should look at these 8 hacks. At least, it would be if we didn’t have hydrogen peroxide. Life Hacks; Crafts; How To; Tours; If you’re like most people, you don’t consider using hydrogen peroxide for anything other than cleaning wounds, but then, like most people, you’re missing out. Hydrogen Peroxide is a perfect alternative to conventional glass cleaners which contains ammonia. 2. That said, the Food and Drug Administration notes that getting hydrogen peroxide on your skin may cause irritation, burning, and blistering. Wash your makeup brushes Clean your brushes with an equal parts mixture of castille soap , hydrogen peroxide, and warm water to kill germs and renew them by taking care of built-up makeup gunk . Here are some hydrogen peroxide hacks and tips that’ll definitely make your life easier and save you time and money. It’s nearly impossible to rub ink out of clothing. Hydrogen peroxide makes a good replacement for bleach and is far less harsh whilst still cleaning effectively, so make the swap during your next grocery shop. Hydrogen Peroxide is a non-chlorine bleach, so it also makes one of the best, safest household cleaners and sanitizers that you can use. For light-colored clothing, you can soak a cotton ball in hydrogen peroxide and dab it on the infected area. You can clean your entire house with hydrogen peroxide alone–if you know how to use it correctly. Instead of using harmful bleach, add half a cup to your wash cycle of whites. Though relatively cheap (you can pick up a bottle for less than a buck at most grocery stores! 1.