I have been able to get into my current Modem settings using the IP Address but I can't seem to find a "Repeater" or "Repeater Bridge" option and that is where my google led instructions end. In Parental Controls you can set up restrictions on connected devices' internet connection. Back Up Router Configuration 1. Facebook; Twitter; LinkedIn; 8 Comments 8 comments. In Setup and Configuration you can view a status of the modem connections, change name of or password for your Wi-Fi Hotspot and see the current Wi-Fi Hotspot password. Hi, Can some one hep me how to setup . Thanks, 0. Sagemcom F@st 5260 Router openDns setup. Don’t see the power light? home7803 April 08, 2018 23:36. Sort by Date Votes. You’ll know the router is done when you see the alternating green lights. It contains important information such as your SSID and router login username and password as well your MAC address which you Solid Orange LED with Flashing will need to set up your router. 2.Login to admin panel of Sagemcom Fast 5260 router to setup port forward. User manual instruction guide for Wireless Home Router FAST5280 SAGEMCOM BROADBAND SAS. Setup instructions, pairing guide, and how to reset. If you’re using a wireless device to set up your router, move on to Section 2. Press the power button on the back of the Smart Router. Page 8: Router Positioning Sagemcom F@st 5260 Chapter 1: Product Overview Router Positioning 1. So I guess I need to know how I set my current router to repeat and then how to configue my intended repeater router to repeat that signal? 5 Plug the Smart Router into the electrical outlet. Follow the directions below to backup and restore your router settings. SAGEMCOM F@st 1704; Generalized Router Configuration Instructions; Bell Connection Hub (Sagemcom) Configuration; Windows 10 Configuration; Arris (Motorola) Router Configuration (Comcast/XFinity, Time Warner, etc) Sagemcom F@st 5260 Router OpenDns setup Follow. 6 router checks for updates. > Sagemcom 2704n: Standard broadband setup guide Before you get started Make sure your broadband connection is up and running before you set up your router - we'll contact you (via email and text message if we have your mobile number) when it's ready Once the page loads, login to the admin panel of Sagemcom Fast 5260 router by copy-pasting the default username and password (given below) in the dialogue box that pops up: If Page 47: Upgrade Router's Firmware Chapter 4: Sagemcom F@st 5260 Administration Upgrade Router's Firmware The F5260 router automatically searches and installs upgrades which may add features or fix issues in your router. How to find the wireless network name and password on my Sagemcom 2864 modem Title How to change existing wireless settings on my Sagemcom 2864 modem Open a web browser. The label is located on the back of your router.