At this time Magisk manager showing it as installed. The log is as attached below. I also experienced issues with Magisk, although in my case the Manager reported it as installed and up-to-date but only one app asked for access to su and everything else was denied. It ended up booting to system. Tried each build from 17- 21 always shows not installed. Do you have Magisk Manager hidden but then opened the unhidden version installed by the TWRP flash instead? So I was to try flash it again. Try downloading the official system image from, move the file to your root directory (/sdcard), then go to Options > System > System Updates > click the gear icon > Local Upgrade. A magisk folder is also created in the /data/adb path and a .magisk file is also present in the /data path. Then flash magisk from twrp, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Millions of developers and companies build, ship, and maintain their software on GitHub — the largest and most advanced development platform in the world. upon reboot the magisk app was missing from my phone so I put the .APK on my device and installed it as it said to do in the tutorial. Already on GitHub? I've been watching some vids on how to install magisk and followed along with the tutorial. hello, my issue was resolved with a clean flash of my rom, by wiping /data. same result with 20.4 and latest canary. But magisk.init is not run on boot. Now after installation Reboot the system and then open Magisk Manager. When your device boots, it should be rooted with the latest … But booting TWRP is failed. [ 7.684677,4] init: Unable to move mount at '/system/lib64/': No such file or directory. Your data will PROBABLY be preserved, however there is every chance that something may go wrong, so do a backup. I tried manually creating a Magisk modified boot.img, flashed to boot, boot_a, and boot_b, to no avail. And logcat has not a single line about magisk.init. Once finished, press the “Reboot” button. I tried booting the modified boot.img in fast boot, it failed saying that the img wasn't large enough or something along those lines. For some reason magisk.img is always missing from /data/. [ 7.684601,4] init: Switching root to '/system' the rom (xiaomi eu) was on beta so it surely break something when updating to Android Q. Hi, this issue has now been solved. I'm flashing to stock, restoring from TWRP, and starting over. Magisk 16.7 also seems vulnerable to the bugs herein presented, I experienced them but I can't remember the circumstances very well, except that if install it on Motorola's stock oreo 8.1 I will experience this bug after a while. Every single time I try to install Magisk and then start the Magisk Manager, it says Magisk is not installed, even though I just installed it, both with TWRP and manually. [Help] installed the magisk manager but magisk is not installing Help I can't seem to install the magisk from the magisk manager app. My stock img is around 30md, and the patched img is close to 10mb. Why GitHub? Also the permanent TWRP doesn't work anymore. Catch-22. Also (probably unrelated but worth a mention), our prop getprop is set as false and if set to true gives an obvious bootloop because we are not using the legacy system-as-root implementation. Magisk: 20.3 Downloaded the file through Magisk manager., recovery.log From your description you don't appear to have wiped Dalvik/cache. it don't really resolve the issue but a workaround I found : with a custom kernel it work, I'm using sphynx kernel but it should work with any other. Use a computer, connect the device and use ADB to catch a logcat from boot up until you can confirm that Magisk reports "not installed" (How to logcat). In MagiskManager select Uninstall > Complete Uninstall. the thing is when ever i flash latest(or any version) Magisk zip in TWRP all goes well but Magisk app says Magisk is not installed flashed more than 5+ times still same result.