The close relation between information and the laws of physics has two reasons: First, any information processing, such as transmission, storage, or computation, ultimately boils down to a physical process. Research Areas » Quantum Information; Research Areas. DOE SC hereby announces its interest in receiving applications from multi-institutional, multidisciplinary teams (requesting support between $10 and $25 … Program Summary. In quantum physics, and consequently in quantum computation and information science, the Bloch sphere representation for transformations of two state systems has been traditionally used. Quantum information science is an area of study about information science related to quantum effects in physics. Our research is rooted in the insight that information and the laws of physics are closely intertwined. The Institute strongly profits from its tight binds with the Research Center Jülich and its activities in the field of quantum information. networks, by open system dynamics. Below is a summary assembled by the Research & Innovation Office (RIO). The former is about the general theory of information processing in the quantum setting, whereas the latter is more specifically about techniques for secure communication in the presence of malicious parties. Cosmology; Mathematical Physics; Particle Physics; Quantum Fields and Strings; Quantum Foundations; Quantum Gravity; Quantum Information; Quantum Matter; Strong Gravity; Research Centres; Research Initiatives; Emmy Noether Initiatives; Visitors; Conferences; Seminars ; Careers; Quantum Information. It provides for a coordinated Federal program to accelerate quantum research and development for the economic and national security of the United States. In different lines of research, we investigate the detection of quantum correlations by local monitoring of open systems and the effective description of complex, disordered systems, e.g. My research is in quantum information science, with a focus on quantum Shannon theory and quantum cryptography. Please see the full solicitation for complete information about the funding opportunity. Quantum Information in Jülich. Quantum information research in China dated back to 1998, when the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) convened the Xiangshan Science Forum for quantum information at Beijing. DOE National Quantum Information Science Research Centers . Learn more » RECENT REPORTS. Quantum information explores and … (Photo: more... zu: Quantum Information in Jülich