Business Logo A professional logo design is a great way to win more customers. A unique geometrically consistent logo where I use waves to emphasize impact. Simple, bold logo with emphasis on both aspects of the company security and communication, hence the shield that morphs into a chat bubble. Make sure to use icons from one set or pack on your site, so they look appropriate and cool. We provide you with 21 resize versions for your logo so you can use it across all your social media channels. Logo for Dark Horse, a consulting company selling innovation professional services and research to companies and funding social initiatives. Categories. Designed by KVA This really did the trick. The goal of this project in the TEEL lab is to develop a portable and interoperable online learning ecosystem that enables effective and efficient learning that leverages social interactions between students as a substantial learning resource. There was an error, please try submitting again. The symbol combines the film reel with a speech bubbles. Get inspired and start planning the perfect social logo design today. Include brand details (e.g. 4.8 average from 26,026 Unused & available logo looking for new home, drop me a line if interested. Find and hire a designer to make your vision come to life, or host a design contest and get ideas from designers around the world. Get in touch if you´re interested. Invite me to work and I'd be happy to discuss your project. This logo should stand the test of time and be as relevant in 25 years as it is now. Increase your online social presence by creating an eye catching social logo! Bring as many specifics as you can, too. Nearby Live is a location-based anonymous social networking service with over 4 millions of registered users. Idea was to place the foreground eye in the center of the locator shape and than build the rest of details. Logo for social network app that helps you discover awesome activities to do around you. Through BeeNeighbors, entire neighborhoods order lawn or home services together which results in a lower price for each individual. A social networking app to meet new people. My design was inspired by showing the inner world of women, their magic, femininity, sensitivity and at the same time strength. Winning design: Alternative proposal to a winning logo design. a logo to represent gifts review company. A great logo shows the world what you stand for, makes people remember your brand, and helps potential customers understand if your product is right for them. Logo design for FQHC Connect. Logo for a social platform for content creators. 5 000+ vecteurs, photos et fichiers PSD. Come … Increase your social media presence by creating a memorable social media logo! Available source files and icon fonts for both personal and commercial use. Within seconds, our logo maker will be able to present you variations of logos for your online media platforms designed to make your audience say wow! Logo design for SciptMeet - a network, community and digital platform for screenwriters/scriptwriters, and also film production companies that are interested in hiring sharp screenwriter. Client wanted a rooster and/or a weather vain in the logo. We are a social network based on Augmented Reality and we are looking for a new App-Icon / App-Logo! A classic picture that's internationally recognised. Adding Social Proof to Your Website with Client Logos & Press Mentions. social app that uses AI to manage someone's social life. The company is based in Palo Alto, California, and is a member of the Microsoft Bizspark program. Get ideas and start planning your perfect social logo today! This can come in the form of user reviews, testimonials, or bigger companies vouching for your website. Hashtag with comment bubble in negative space with timeless black & red color combo was spot on and client loved it on first sight :). So, I come up with the idea to combine "hexagonal bee hive" and "housing" that represent neighbors. Creating hot and playful logo for annual two-day chili competition hosted by the Parks & Recreation Department for the City of Lenexa, Kansas. Neat and simple logo for social media marketing company. The client want to refresh their current logo with simple, serene, and meaningful design. Logo available for sale. colors, fonts), preferred type of logo , style suggestions, designs you like, information about your business, product photos and any other specifications that would affect your design. Agencies +49 30 568 390 99. The task was to create a vintage-style logo, which looks like a stamp. The logo reflects on the idea of going upwards and forward depicted through simple, but effective visuals. I will be managing their social media accounts and creating all of their creative content for each platform. No need to use any other resize tool. Make you mark, create a lasting brand, your social logo is where it all starts. Project: Icon Design Examples of projects include the restoration of an organ, purchase of new songbooks, enabling of participation in youth camps, new tableware for the parish kitchen (homeless people) or the restoration of a statue. A simple, modern and iconic logo - because three's a crowd. Trouvez/téléchargez des ressources graphiques Logo Reseaux Sociaux gratuites. Make your marketing go viral with expertly-crafted social media page design built to match your brand. Client: Nearby Live Imagine it as a community marketplace where hobbyists everywhere can share their passions with like-minded individuals, while earning a little extra money in their free time. Logo for the company which provide wifi for the business tourists. Make you mark, create a lasting brand, your social logo is where it all starts. by adding two most well known organism that related well enough to spring, which is butterfly and flower, i think this concept suited brief the best. Since a smartphone is widely seen as a device to socially interact, it makes a perfect depiction of the app's social motivational aspect. They’re all a combination of image and typography, but each gives your brand a distinct feel... Keep reading, Choosing the right logo colors can highlight your business’ strengths and help you attract the right customers... Keep reading, The shape of your logo can tell customers if your company is friendly or serious, scientific or artistic, traditional or cutting edge... Keep reading. One huge concept that many designers overlook on their landing pages is social proof. We are a video production company focused on designing creative solutions to improve effectiveness of businesses' communication. the logo itself represent "hi" which mean very FRIENDLY greeting or to attract attention. The round corners convey a modern, innovative image. Client wanted a sheep eating graze for his instagram inspired social network. Make your mark, create a lasting brand, your social media logo is … add some nice color and add some fine line as aesthetic touch to represent the move of the butterly, and the spring feeling is right there. The left part is usual road with some damage in both end and the right part is the "goalden" road. Adrites primary focus is in B2C top of funnel acquisition with a creative direction driven by analytics and backend optimization. The final result looks like active, playful, friendly, and social lemon. Abstract metaphoric logo for a social communications research company. BrandCrowd logo maker is easy to use and allows you full customization to get the social logo you want! BrandCrowd will make it easy for you. Not just that, the broken line is a person silhouette that facing to the "goalden" road to represent "optimism", "achieve goal's life", and "looking forward to a better life". An always-updated, one-stop free resource for the most current social media logos of the most popular social networks. Get inspired by these amazing social logos created by professional designers. simple but cool looking logo with talking bubble theme and abstract lines representing flow of data. The logo should speak: "fly with us and discover the universe". Create a Spring Conference logo for State Disability Association. We produce video, grafics, text articles for commercial facebook pages and other social media. Create a Vintage Logo Design for a New Industrial-Style Bar. Find Your Goal; The first and most important of the graphic design tips when creating social media content, and all of your digital marketing content, is that you need to have a goal. Goalden Road is social media site to help people achieve their goals and make a better life. This means that everyone can make a difference in their environment (in their parish) with small amounts of money. EZ Tie, A new way of finding connection and love in workplaces. Social Foundry is a not for profit organisation that utilises community minded skilled mentors to work alongside at-risk young people. The money donated for projects is given 100% to the projects. logo design customer reviews. Typical to many contemporary community churches, this church wants to depart from traditional iconography while nonetheless remaining recognisable to a wide public. Start a Design Contest and our designers will create custom design assets for any social media channel.