First, your challenge will be committed to a single app, which will exclude non-compatible devices (though employees can still opt in to participate with their smart phones). Simply download the free Wellable template, which includes all the necessary functions embedded into a single Excel file. Record short videos of people participating/giving testimonials. to track their activity. If you get the buy-in, you can put together a fabulous gift basket for participants while helping your local businesses grow, which is a win-win for all parties involved. Activity trackers can be priced at over a hundred dollar apiece, and other wellness subscriptions, when purchasing in bulk, can cost a small fortune. Registered Scottish Charity No: SC025535 | No: 168554 inc. 19 Sept 1996 at Companies House, Edinburgh | Company Limited by Guarantee. ), you’ll have the option to send out emails that address people by their first name. As it is ideal to collect step counts for each day, participants would be required to to submit data on a daily basis. The following column headers are. If you need some inspiration, then here’s a recipe for the perfect Step Count Challenge team using a few of the names from previous challenges. Canva’s model is pay-as-you-go, meaning that you only pay for the specific premium add-on you want to put in your design (check out their tutorial page for design inspirations!). Did he climb Mt. According to numerology, the numerical value of your name influences areas of your personal and professional development. Cirque du Sore Legs. In the constant battle against turnover and disengagement, companies should view employee health and loyalty as valuable resources, which can be earned and improved through wellness initiatives. Step counts are simply the numbers indicated on a participant's activity tracker (wearable device, free mobile app, etc.). Since BYOT is the focus, the platform needs to be able to accommodate all technology choices that your employees may make. Luckily, tools like MailChimp makes personalization surprisingly easy. Another important question that program organizers need to ask themselves is: Who am I trying to help? Again, this is where the research on basic marketing can help tremendously with wellness communication. Below is an example infographic, created by the International Sports & Culture Association’s Campaign for the Get Europe Moving campaign. A few of our favorites are: As a rule of thumb, below is a quick guide to help judge the legitimacy of sources (adapted from John Hopkins Medicine’s website). As an alternative to counting steps, you can steer the program towards rewarding participation in group walking sessions. To motivate participants, many organizers tie in a reward/incentive to the program. Office You should include every communication related to the challenge, including: Each message, regardless of its distribution channel, should be aggregated in one document (calendar) with its relevant information. STEP CHALLENGE TEAM NAMES. From the aggregated data, you can sort the participants by step count to form a leaderboard. Additionally, it requires little technical know-how, since you will be working mostly with a white board and a marker or with spreadsheets, hence, the “Dinosaur” part. The following column headers are recommended . Steps challenge toolkit - September 2020 Introduction. Once you’ve imported participants’ information (name, email, etc. If you have a co-organizer (and you should - administering a challenge can be a lot of work! A thorough guide on this topic would call for an entire eBook. Participants will have to find all other peers and add them as friends on the platform. Both Canva and Venngage have free versions that you can trial. This way, there’s no redundancy, and people don’t get bombarded with irrelevant emails. These devices are available on Amazon for very affordable prices. The Walkaholics. When this up-front cost is compared to the indirect fees of the Dinosaur method, the difference can be minimal. These employees, regardless of workplace involvement, will continue their wellness habits with or without an employee wellness program. Formerly considered a “nice perk,” employee wellness programs, and their popular component. This capacity should be more than enough to support a small-scale challenge. Those who are less health-conscious are typically those who need the external motivation. For example, an infographic can be created in half an hour (or less) on platforms like, Both Canva and Venngage have free versions that you can trial. These employees will benefit from wellness programs and challenges the most. 2.) Any method, regardless of the technology powering it, needs to be able to facilitate three different functions: (i) participant tracking, (ii) reporting and data aggregation, and (iii) leaderboard creation. Luckily, in most cases, this can be easily achieved if it becomes an organizational priority. Below are three of our favorite affordable rewards. A step challenge is a program, usually organized at work, where employees compete by taking steps throughout the day. The Walking Wenches Road Trash A Dozen Disco Divas Charge of … And when you run these challenges, don’t forget that communication is crucial for success. In this case, allowing employees to work from home (or remotely) can be a good alternative, especially if the work can be done anywhere. As a company, you don’t have to put out a significant investment to bulk-purchase devices, since employees will be bringing their own trackers or smartphones. If you assign each user with an unique ID in Excel at the beginning of the challenge, aggregating their step counts into one spreadsheet is simply a matter of mastering the. With higher quality vendors, employers will have greater flexibility to customize programs. There are free and trusted sources out there you can count on. Increase your step count with an inspiration walking team name from our list of group names, with choices such as The Holy Walkamolies and The Luke Skywalkers. More companies are investing in wellness initiatives to keep their people healthy and physically active. With the amount of emails your employees receive, none of them need another generic “Hey there” greeting. Try our team name generator below. Wherever we may roam (within reason, allowing a sensible bedtime). It can give you an edge when it comes to team morale, clocking up the steps and being the leanest, meanest team in the office. However, here’s a reassuring thought: while technologies can be a great tool and make life much easier, independently, they are not the solution. The free Fitbit app can serve as an activity tracker so users without a Fitbit device can participate. Formerly considered a “nice perk,” employee wellness programs, and their popular component, wellness challenges, are slowly becoming a necessary and integral part of the modern work environment. Most programs have a fixed administrative fee and a variable portion based on the number of users. If you want to get fancy, apply some conditional formatting to add some flare to the presentation. 7844. Below are the fastest (and easiest) ways to recognize outstanding participants. The accuracy of the result relies heavily on employees’ honesty and no human error. The Excel file provided in the the template automatically pulls the aggregated data into a team leaderboard. To motivate participants, many organizers tie in a reward/incentive to the program. These days, most people associate “step tracking” with a wearable device. Organize Media like infographics, short videos, and pictures deliver information in a quick and engaging way. Most apps limit the number of users that you can have in any particular challenge, capping the amount of participants you can have in your program. If you are not comfortable with Excel, fear not. And the result? So let’s start with the basics: what is a step challenge? Afterwards, employees can submit this data into a survey tool, such as Google Form (free), Survey Monkey (free or paid), or Typeform (free or paid). The most useful tool for creating a communications calendar is the good ol’ spreadsheet (plus, it’s free!). An You can leverage these social features to create your own program leaderboard without having to hire a third-party vendor or manage spreadsheets. Dice up some well known phrases and sayings and sweat, Throw in some alliteration and bring to the boil, Pour in a good glug of randomness, cover and simmer over a medium heat, Finally, season to taste with some choice musical references. Template: We use Cookies to personalise your experience. After taking the necessary steps (no pun intended) to track their activity, participants need to report the steps to the organizer. MailChimp’s free version supports up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month. If you’re going to offer prizes and, thus, need to determine winners (it is a challenge after all), going with this method will not be very efficient. That’s how convincing your messages have to be if you want to grab employees’ attention.