Thanks Michael. Why is American Cuisine So Pervasively Sweet? 1 oz. Yes, ginger is used in Mexico. That confirms my view that it is widely available in Mexico. I’d guess more part of the Pacific than the Atlantic Exchange. However, from what I have seen up to now, tumeric is mainly used as a (cheap) substitute of saffron for paella and other Spanish-origin dishes. See also Mercado San Juan, Col. Centro,México D.F. Interesting. It is consumed mostly in the cities medicinally and the local name translates into “yellow ginger”. So glad it was helpful. –as far as I know, Mexico’s egg producers feed their hens ground marigold petals mixed with their other food to produce the gorgeous golden yolks we enjoy here. Interesting. I normally extract the ginger liquid (one gallon of liquid from approximately 1 lb of raw ginger roots and grinding in a mixer with water) and add it to most juices I drink (and I added sour ones such as black cherry and pomegranate that I could not drink before to that list) in 3:1 (juice to ginger increasing ginger if I felt like) ratio. She also confirmed that it is used for sore throats and to aid digestion. It seems unlikely that they came from Europe or Africa. Iliana de la Vega confirms my impression that in Mexico turmeric is used for coloring (competing with annatto and saffron) and that it is used medicinally.I don’t remember ever seeing dried ground turmeric, nor do … The spices you mention are all much in use in the Guyanas and many islands (Trinidad, Curacao, certainly Jamaica…), as I witnessed during my years in Suriname. –look around at the entryways to small businesses. Thanks Cristina. I have never seen ginger in Mexico (but am not at all well traveled there, have only been to coastal resort type areas) but more importantly I had never seen it called for in a Mexican recipe until I came across the recipe for Birria de Res that I am staring at now and that caused me to search online, thus finding your page. Iliana de la Vega confirms my impression that in Mexico turmeric is used for coloring (competing with annatto and saffron) and that it is used medicinally. Check new buyers of turmeric in Mexico. The biggest evidence in language and in edible/medicinal plants.. Tom, fascinating. it will be interesting to see how far it goes. I had a query this week that I am throwing open to everyone: how, if at all, are ginger and turmeric used in Latin America? anyone know of the turmeric levels in false mexican azafran? "(989446, turmeric oleoresin pg) essential oils of lime", "te de flavors (turmeric w / meadowsweet and ginger, mex, bagged tea 6x16)", Coloring material of vegetable origin oleoresin turmeric c14 (curcumin), Mixing of odorific substances (private garden turmeric), "bitter chocolate tablets with coconut, bitter chocolate tablets with matcha, bitter chocolate tablets with turmeric and pepper". Ginger is a staple is used in coconut milk dishes and chicken and fish dishes and soups. The Philippines uses comparatively few gingers than its neighbors, despite the great diversity in the family (save for plain ginger, which is fairly common). Tumeric (Turmeric) Root Powder (Curcuma longa) Super Fresh! I’ve read the marigold petal story too though a quick google did not bring up confirmation. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Thyme? The vegetable vendors at the Friday tianguis where I shop (Av. Not If You Take Food Processing Into Account. I will be editing this page as I mull the question over and browse through eighteenth-century facsimile cookbooks. So glad that your experience bears out my own intuitions. At first I thought it might be for feeding to hens, since Mexicans like their eggs yellow. All rights reserved. Could they have gotten to Mexico through our galleon trade? It seems as though each city goes through an evolution based on the immigrant population that decide to open restaurants and from the first Pho restaurant back in 1994 near the University of Washington campus to Pho restaurants numbering in the hundreds now around the Seattle area, this is just one example of how Seattle is taking in all that Vietnamese cuisine has to offer. Diccionario enciclopédico de la gastronomía mexicana. No, turmeric is not used for home-made Mexican dishes. Ginger grows easily in Mexico, for example. I don’t remember seeing it much in Mexico. Thanks for this, Bea. I think I’ve written about some of them and will try to dig the information up. Tlazoteotl, a blogger living in Italy asks about parsley, thyme, oregano, marjoram, and anise. Our data covers turmeric exporters list in Mexico, export quantity of turmeric, value, traders and manufacturers name of turmeric, export partners and other shipment details. Ginger plant. Again, its use here is primarily medicinal and as a coloring agent. I know because I was self-sufficient in ginger all my years there, planting the rhizomes at intervals in a big pot and waiting until a new crop was ready. Wikimedia Commons. Organic kombucha tea drink turmeric mango ginger, Get List of Turmeric Importers in The bigger supermercado chains in Morelia also have it. Plants are gathered each year for their rhizomes, some for propagation in the following season and some for consumption. Turmeric is a flowering plant, Curcuma longa of the ginger family, Zingiberaceae, the roots of which are used in cooking. 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